Call for Tender | Software Development

The Vienna-based association Sustainication e.V. invites all software companies to submit a tender for the programming of a new software application to be used by museums and archaeological sites in the Danube region and beyond. The proposed application will be developed in the framework of the INTERREG project Archeodanube and is named ArcheoTales. Here is a description of the application (incl. UX) in the format of a short presentation.

For the development of the application (operating systems: IOS and Android) you are invited to draw on the proof of concept of the application Kju:Ti. Kju:Ti is a PWA that is capable of sending questions and receiving answers with a very limited amount of data. You can access Kju:Ti on Github but are of course free to build on alternative, license-free solutions.

In either case, the bid includes the creation of the data model for ArchaeoTales (incl. basic CMS for data standard to be jointly developed), the programming of an application to guide users, the programming of a solution to evaluate the data in the backend (or for the operators of the application), the costs for the operation of the application until 12/31/2022 and until 12/31/2023, UX design for mobile devices and screen design (basic).

For the contract award, a written agreement will be established between Sustainication e.V. and the other party. Sustainication e.V. will opt for the one tender offering the best value for money and most creative ideas. All bids will be treated confidentially. Implementation period is 2021; operating costs should be accounted separately for implementation until December 31st, 2023.

The deadline for submissions via eMail is 10.03.2021

For further information please contact our colleagues at Sustainication e.V. via e-mail or by phone 0043 680 552 37 42 or by mail.

We are looking forward to your offer!